Award & Selections


South Zone Gold Award in Painting, 2016


 Born amidst the raw beauty of a forest that bordered my home, I lived in great penury throughout my school life. But today, in the urban luxury of a town, I find no joy nor zest that I had experienced in the pristine surroundings of my childhood. Read More

Exhibition of the Indian Artist's Workshop in Beijing china


He represented India in a international cultural workshop conducted in China by Chinees Cultural Ministry in 2014.He was among the five chosen artists from India.



International art exhibition, Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburge, USA .

Participat out of regional,national and international group. Among the 20 artists chosen to represent.


Kalanand Art Exhibition, Mumbai

South Zone Gold Award for painting in Kalanand Art Contest of Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation. Nehru centre, Mumbai conducted by Prafulla . Dahanukar Art Foundation.


The 55th National Exhibition

Selected for The 55th National Exhibition of Art conducted by Kendra Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.

Nov 2012

The 40th State Exhibition of Art

Selected for The 40th State Exhibition of Art conducted by Kerala Lalit Kala Academy. Read More


Worked with an Italian Artist ASIL LILLO in Dubai for one year. Job Responsibilities Included the drawing of Portraits of world famous profiles.